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Most Prices Include Delivery

Salisbury Deluxe Gazebo Cupola


The octagonal Salisbury Deluxe Gazebo Cupola is made from maintenance-free vinyl lumber similar to Azek Vinyl Trimboards. Sizes range from 24″-48″ wide with options for base extensions.  They have either polished copper or painted aluminum roofs.  The Salisbury Deluxe Gazebo Cupola is a distinctive cupola with the kind of excellent old-world craftsmanship you would expect from Amish builders.

There’s a lot of information on this page, so please be sure to expand all the highlighted tabs below.

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Salisbury Deluxe Gazebo Cupola with a copper roof.

Salisbury Deluxe Gazebo Cupolas are made from maintenance-free vinyl lumber which is a cellular PVC material similar to Azek Vinyl Trimboards. If you are not familiar with all the benefits of vinyl lumber, please visit Azek.com to read all the product information from that manufacturer.

Vinyl lumber is not like vinyl siding.  The vinyl lumber used in constructing cupolas is 3/4″ thick and the most important aspect of vinyl lumber is that it never rots, never needs painting, and never needs maintenance.

Salisbury Deluxe Gazebo Cupolas are offered from 18″ – 48″ wide.  They include either a raw polished copper roof (which will naturally darken with age) or painted aluminum available black, brown, green, or barn red.

We also sell interior screening to keep the bugs out.

Read more details by expanding the links below.  They include information about delivery and the all-important Terms of Sale.

• Available in 5 sizes from 24” to 48” 
• Straddles the roof peak of an 8 sided gazebo.  No need to cut the base
• Hand made by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
• Made from solid ¾” thick vinyl board construction
• Vinyl is maintenance free and rot free and it will not cup or decay
• Eight sided octagon shape
• Size measurement taken from base flat side to flat side
• Distinctive arched window design
• Your choice of either polished 24 gauge copper roof or painted aluminum roof available (Black, brown, green, or red).
• Double strength single pane windows
• Built in mount to accommodate ¾” diameter weathervane or finial mounting rod
• Rubber weathervane hole plug installed (easily removed if needed)
• Stainless steel exterior hardware
• Vinyl can be painted, if desired (manufacturer recommends Krylon Fusion)
• Suitable for windy and coastal applications with engineer certified 120MPH wind rating
• Basic installation instructions included
• These cupolas ship via motor freight (Click Shipping Information tab below for more information).
• For possible discounts, please fill out the form below.

We arrange for the least expensive possible motor freight deliveries. That is what most people want from us.  Motor freight delivery companies will not just show-up and make the delivery.  They will call you in advance (on the phone number you provide during checkout) to make a delivery appointmet.  If you make the delivery appointment with the motor freight company and then not be ready for the delivery when they arrive, then you will be responsible for the re-delivery charge which usually amounts to about $85.00.  I don’t know why this happens, but it does…  so please be ready at the appointed time.  We don’t want the cupola handled and moved around any more than necessary.

Motor freight deliveries are made “to the back of the truck”, which means the driver at the very least will only take it to the back of the delivery truck. There is no lift-gate. Someone (either you or someone helping you), will be required to lift the cupola cartons usually three (roof, mid-section, and base) off the back of the truck. Will the driver be willing to help you? I can’t say for sure, but I have never heard of a motor freight delivery driver who was not willing to help, especially for a small gratutity of appreciation.

We offer the option of requesting a delivery truck with a lift-gate.  A lift-gate delivery is an additional $65.00.  You can add that option during the purchase process.  If when you make the motor freight delivery appointment, you opt to request a special order truck with a lift gate, you will also be responsible for that additional cost which is usually around $65.00….

Cupola purchase Terms of Sale

Cupolas are custom made as per your order and they get paid in full in advance. If that is not agreeable to you for whatever reason, please contact us within 24 hours.

Should you cancel the order once it has been re-confirmed, our cupola guy will charge you a 25 percent cancellation fee. In addition, if the cupola has already shipped, you will be additionally responsible for any shipping charge. If the delivery has already been made, then you are additionally responsible for whatever cost there is to safely return the item to our PA cupola shop.

In the unlikely event that something arrives damaged, it must be noted on the delivery freight bill before you sign it. You cannot file a claim for any damage not noted on the freight bill at delivery.

That’s all the fine print. 

On a more positive sounding note, the people who make our cupolas have done so since the mid-1990’s and their products are excellent. We never get returns or complaints about the beautiful work done by our Amish cupola craftsmen.

The prices we display include the shipping to the 48 States.  Frankly, these prices are MAP…  meaning Minimum Advertised Prices.  All dealers are contractually bound to not advertise prices below the manufacturer-set minimum advertise price.  This system levels the playing field for all dealers.  However, in some cases, especially for people who live in the NY, NJ, PA, OH, MD, VA delivery areas….. and also for purchases of cupolas larger than 30″ wide where motor freight delivery fees can vary drastically… and also for people ordering more than one cupola at a time…  we STRONGLY recommend requesting a price quote.  In some cases, we may be able to offer a lower price directly to you.  To request a price quote, please fill out the form below.

Are you buying more than 1 cupola? Are you adding any options, like a base extension, patina roof, or interior screening? Is there another option you’ve seen elsewhere? Please provide any additional information that may help us to help you. Quotes are usually processed and emailed within 24 hours.

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