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Most Prices Include Delivery

Terms of Sale

The Mailbox Shoppe has sold products via the internet since 1995. That makes us one of the “old-timers” in this ever changing internet world.

No return will be accepted without a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA#). Please don’t automatically send an item back to the return address shown on the original delivery label. Not all products originate or get returned to the same location. Before requesting an RGA#, please read the important information below.

Generally speaking, there is a 30 Day Return Policy for non-custom items. RGA numbers will be issued only to products that are non-custom. 

Custom items such as, but not limited to, cast signs, mailboxes personalized with names or addresses, mailboxes with decorative fiberglass or copper wraps, and any item fabricated to your specifications are all non-returnable and non-refundable under any condition. All custom address sign orders are FINAL once placed. Our custom-product suppliers do not allow orders to be canceled after they are placed. From the moment you place a custom order, that item belongs to you. The only exception would be if they are delivered to you damaged where they would then be replaced by the same exact item with no changes permitted.  

We ONLY accept returned items that are new and unused, re-packed in all the original boxes and cushioning material. Any item returned to us damaged, or altered in any way which prevents us from re-selling the item as new, will be subject to additional return fees. These additional return fees will be entirely up to the discretion of the Mailbox Shoppe and can result in a complete denial of your refund. If the item arrived damaged, let us know. If you altered the item… may I suggest selling in on craigslist or eBay. 🙂

RETURN FEES: Non-custom item being returned are subject to a 15% return fee, plus you are also responsible for the return shipping cost (location to be determined when you request the mandatory RGA number).

CUPOLA RETURN FEES: Cupola shipping is very expensive. They are usually large boxes and/or multiple boxes. Larger cupolas also involve motor freight delivery which is way more expensive than UPS Ground. A returned cupola is subject to a mandatory 35% return fee. Since our cupola makers charge us for returns, we must enforce this strict 35% return fee. Again, you are responsible for the 35% return fee, plus whatever it costs to safely re-pack and ship back (location to be determined when you email for the mandatory RGA number).

We accept all major credit/debit cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover. Orders are not binding upon the Mailbox Shoppe until accepted and confirmed. Once you place an on-line order your credit card will be charged. You will receive an order confirmation that includes an estimated delivery time. No matter what the delivery timeframe might be, your credit card is charged in advance. Don’t place an order if you don’t want your credit card charged. Generally speaking, and not applicable to every different situation, but if you dispute the credit card charge, we will cancel your order and refund your money providing their was no personalization or custom fabrication made in accordance to what you ordered.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors, typographical or otherwise. Apologies in advance should this unfortunately occur.

We are based in NY State and we collect sales tax for any purchase delivered to NY.

We will also be required to collect sales tax for any product shipped to an address located in California. This represents a change to long established sales tax collection rules due to the 2018 Supreme Court decision of South Dakota vs Wayfair, Inc., which held by a 5-4 majority that states may charge sales tax on purchases made from out-of-state sellers, even if the seller does not have a physical presence in the taxing state.

At this point, we have only been notified to collect California’s sales tax, but we fully expect every other state in the union will require internet sellers to collect sales tax on every on-line purchase.

The limited warranty information for any product sold by the Mailbox Shoppe is included in the documentation accompanying the product as provided by that product’s manufacturer. If there is no warranty information included with the product, then the product has no warranty. The Mailbox Shoppe makes no additional warranties, expressed or implied beyond what is offered, or not offered, by the manufacturer.

“We sell what we sell – which is either what you need or not”. The Mailbox Shoppe makes no assurances in regards to the fitness of any given product for any particular purpose. It’s up to you to read our descriptions, ask questions, and determine for yourself whether or not the product we offer meets your needs.

We ship the least expensive way possible. If you require a specific shipping carrier, please discuss this with us prior to making your purchase. Specific shipment dates cannot be guaranteed, due to possible material shortages, accidents, strikes, governmental regulations, labor strikes, acts of God, war, alien or zombie invasions, and other factors and conditions beyond our control.

Shipping is not free. The cost of shipping has been included in the product price. If you decide to return a product, there will be a 15-25% return fee to cover the original shipping cost, plus you will be additionally responsible for the cost of safely return the purchased item. See RETURNS for more details.

We do not ship Next Day or 2nd Day Air. Depending on your proximity to where a product originates, it is possible some items may arrive the next day, but we do not offer upgraded guaranteed expedited shipping services. They carry far too much risk in not being delivered as you expect, and instead of offering a service that we cannot always guarantee, we simply do not offer it.

Damaged Deliveries or Claims of Parts Missing
Please inspect merchandise upon delivery and report any damage immediately. Damaged or lost merchandise claims must be filed with the carrier within 7 days of receipt of goods. Never put to the side any delivery from us without inspecting for damage or missing items or parts. It’s critical that you inspect everything and notify us of anything damaged or missing with 7 days after receipt. Once that 7 day period passes, we may not be able to help you.

Our products are shipped from many different locations around the US.  We do not always receive tracking information from suppliers, so we do not always enter tracking numbers into the sales record.  Please contact us if anything has not arrived accorded to the delivery time frame we estimated in our order confirmation email.

Delivery companies like FEDEX and UPS no longer require signatures for delivery.  In safe delivery locations like residences, the delivery person will simply drop the package somewhere near your front door, or another designated spot if indicated on the order form (i.e “Back Door”… “Side of Garage”… etc etc).  Once a package has been dropped at your location, and the tracking shows the day and time, it is deemed to have been delivered.

It is extremely rare for a delivered package to be stolen from someone’s property.  If tracking shows an item was delivered, please check all the likely places a delivery driver would have left it, and please check with other residents at the delivery location to be certain someone else didn’t bring the package inside for you.   In nearly ever case, the package is sitting somewhere. 

Our obligation is to have your order delivered to the address you provide.  Once a delivery company like UPS or FEDEX makes that delivery, we have met our obligation.  If in the super-super-rare instance that an item is actually stolen from your property, after UPS, FEDEX, USPS makes the confirmed delivery. it becomes a police matter.  You have become a victim of a crime. Call them and report the crime.  Of course we will provide proof of delivery to whatever authorities become involved… but neither the Mailbox Shoppe, nor the delivery company can be held responsible for anything that occurs after the item has been dropped off.  Always provide a safe delivery address to avoid the unlikely chance of something being stolen from your property.

In other rare cases, a package can get lost along the way inside the carrier’s system.  Packages lost before delivery are covered for a 100% refund or replacement at no additional cost.

We do not offer installation services. If you need something installed, contact a local professional. Should you decide to install the product yourself, then you are responsible for the result. Never attempt to perform an installation of anything we sell if the skills required exceed your level of handiness. We can’t be held responsible if you’re unhappy with the final installation whether installed by you or by a 3rd party installer you hired.

BY YOU: Many orders are processed, charged, and forwarded to our suppliers within 5 minutes of receipt. Once the order is forwarded and out of our hands, you are then bound by that particular suppliers terms of sale. For example, Whitehall Products does not allow custom house address plaque cancellations once they receive your order information from us. If we can help you cancel, we will, but there is no guarantee of anything once the order passes out of our hands. Otherwise you are responsible for the cost of whatever item you ordered.

DO NOT place any order that has any possibility of needing to be altered, amended, or canceled. Period.

BY US: The Mailbox Shoppe reserves the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason, whether explained or not, and issue to the customer a full refund with no penalty to them.

In no event shall the Mailbox Shoppe be held liable or responsible for any physical injuries, which might result from the receiving, installing, or using of any of our products, or any other manufacturer’s products purchased through us.

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