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Hanover Mailbox M144S

Original price was: $1,399.00.Current price is: $1,099.00.

Hanover Mailbox M144s is probably as good of a mailbox you’ll find.  Manufactured and finished in the USA, Hanover Lantern has a storied history of fabricating the highest quality level of mailboxes and lighting.

Orders ship in approx 6 weeks.

SKU: M144S Category:


Hanover Mailbox M144s is probably as good of a mailbox you’ll find.  Manufactured and finished in the USA, Hanover Lantern has a storied history of fabricating the highest quality level of mailboxes and lighting.  This unit features their Pine Valley Mailbox and a cast aluminum post with a fancy scroll bracket.  Available in 10 colors.

Dimensions (for mailbox only): 13 3/8″H x 12″W x 21 1/8″L

The Hanover Mailbox M144s package includes the mailbox, the post, and the sign plate with vinyl house numbers installed at the factory.  You can opt to leave the sign blank (no vinyl numbers) or add 2″ tall self-adhesive brass numbers available on a different product page (see link below).

Orders ship in approx 6 weeks.

Note:  Hanover Lantern has made many mailboxes over the years.  If you or your development have a specific model Hanover Mailbox, and you’re interested in re-ordering, please forward all the information to us at sales@mailboxshoppe.com (including a photo if possible).


Hanover Lantern’s Story:

Hanover Lantern was founded in 1970 by Mike Hoffman, a young college graduate with entrepreneurial goals. He was looking for a creative idea, and started manufacturing small lanterns to be sold in Gettysburg’s souvenir shops. Soon after his brother Andy joined him and together they created the Hanover Lantern brand.

The brothers felt that local hand craftsmanship was important and would set their brand apart from other manufacturers. They were right. Hanover Lantern grew to become globally recognized in residential and commercial lighting.

The lighting company became known for its commercial and residential high-quality lighting fixtures. It also grew its lines of mailboxes, signs and accessories.

In 1997, Bob Baker became president and promised to continue the Hoffman brothers’ dreams and business success. He remained president until 2007 when Hanover Lantern was purchased by Genlyte. The company was then purchased by Philips a year later.

During the 1990s, two men stepped in to join the Hanover Lantern team. One was Tim Raubentine and the other Keith Fogle. Raubenstine landed his first major job out of college in the marketing department of the company. Fogle had recently came from the Army and started in as a CAD draftsman and later the IT Manager. The two cultivated an admiration for the brand they would carry with them for the rest of their lives.

With Philips purchase of the company, Raubenstine went on to launch a successful pet supply store with his wife. Fogle moved to manufacturing and then corporate where he incorporated SAP at nine American factories. Raubenstine and Fogle had a combined 39 years with the Hanover Lantern brand. The attachment was familial. Both thought of Hanover Lantern often, mostly of purchasing the company back from Philips.

In 2018, their dream came true and Hanover Lantern returned to local hands once more. Raubenstine and Fogle are overjoyed at the procurement of Hanover Lantern and are excited to bring more manufacturing jobs and local growth to the community. And they look forward to the continued expansion of their brand around the globe.


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