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30″ Cedar Ellsworth Cupola – Arch Windows


  • Cedar Ellsworth Cupola
  • 30″ wide x 46″ Tall
  • Arch Top Window section
  • Standard copper roof
  • Includes Clapboard Base

Out of stock



Ellsworth Select Arch-Top Window Cupola with copper roof.

This cupola is made from raw cedar wood. 
It’s a perfect material for customers who might want a cupola that will weather and age naturally… or maybe someone interested in staining their cupola a special color.  Either way – cedar is a great wood for exterior products and easy to maintain.

This Ellsworth Cupola is 30″ wide and 46″ tall.  The cupola has a raw copper roof (which will naturally darken with age)

This Ellsworth cupola includes the clapboard base add-on

• All cupolas fit up to 10/12 pitch roof standard
• The 30″ cupolas have 6 window panes per side.
• Handmade and shipped by Amish craftspeople in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
• Western Red Cedar is widely seen as an excellent choice for exterior products
• Western Red Cedar can be stained, coated with preservative, or left to get rustic-looking
• 24 gauge copper roof covering supported underneath with a plywood frame
• The copper is uncoated and will age to a dark penny. Optional patina treatment available
• Built-in mount to accommodate ¾” diameter weathervane or finial mounting rod
• Delivered with removable rubber weathervane hole plug (remove to install a weathervane)
• Basic installation instructions and stainless steel exterior hardware included
• Suitable for windy and coastal applications with engineer certified 120MPH wind rating>
• Shipping is included for delivery within the continental US states
• 30” cupolas and larger ship via motor freight
• Cupolas ship from Pennsylvania in approx 14 business days
• Call us or contact us by email with any question

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